Spungi is a scientifically backed learning method that teaches you to retain significantly more information than traditional learning methods. Our strategies allow you to learn material in a shorter period of time and have much more fun doing it!

Our strategies are based on visual memory techniques. Visual memory techniques work by a well-documented and researched mechanism called elaborative encoding.

Elaborative encoding is a mnemonic in which information that is going to be remembered is associated to pre-existing memories and knowledge. These connections can be made visually, spatially, semantically or acoustically.

Elaborative encoding is illustrated beautifully by a paradox called the Baker-baker paradox, wherein you are more likely to remember someone’s profession than their name. A name means nothing to you, no context, no association. It’s just a piece of information, entirely untethered from all of the other memories in your brain just floating around.

A profession like a doctor, however, means a lot.

The entire art of remembering everything is to is to figure out ways to take information lacking in context and to transform it in a way in which it becomes unforgettable.

At Spungi, that’s exactly what we do.