Learn the US States and Capitals in Under 30 Minutes (Part 1)

In this series you are going to learn the first 20 US States and Capitals in under 10 minutes by doing what the experts do: using visual memory techniques.

I’ll tell you exactly what to visualize in your minds’ eye and I’ll even draw you a picture.

Focus on seeing each image in your head and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to recall all of the states.

Let’s begin.

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We’ll begin by picturing a typical map of the United States.

Learn the US States Full Map

This image will act as an anchor in your memory holding down the chain of images which link together all of the states and capitals.

We will start in the Pacific Northwest and work our way East.

Learn US States Pacific NW

1. Washington / Olympia

Now, we are going to take that map and attach it to the first state to anchor it.

Picture that map and imagine it wrapped around George Washington.

Why George Washington?

Because that is how we will remember the first state Washington and its capital Olympia.

Imagine George Washing standing on top of a really tall washing machine.

Learn US States Washington

He is about to dive through a set of rings that look like the Olympic rings.

Picture George Washington swan diving off of the washing machine through the Olympic rings.

Olympic sounds a lot like Olympia.

Now, when you visualize George Washington diving through Olympic rings you will remember that the first state is Washington and its capital is Olympia.

2. Oregon / Salem

The second state is Oregon and its capital is Salem.

Picture George Washington falling through the Olympic rings and landing on a big, old organ.

Learn US States Oregon

The organ is playing the song Come Sail Away, ‘come sail away, come sail away, sail away with me…’

Visualize sail boats floating in the air like musical notes.

Oregon sounds like organ, and Salem starts with sail!

Now, when you picture an organ playing Come Sail Away you will recall that the second state is Oregon and its capital is Salem.

3. California / Sacramento

The third state is California and its capital is Sacramento.

One of the sailboats sails into a huge garden of cauliflower.

Imagine the sailors on the deck picking cauliflower from the garden.

Learn US States California

Cauliflower sounds a lot like California, so that is how you will remember it.

As the sailors pick the cauliflower they toss it into a big, brown sack of Mentos.

Sack-of-mentos, Sacramento.

Imagine the minty taste of the Mentos in your mouth.

When you picture sailors tossing cauliflower into a bag of Mentos you will remember the third state, California, and its capital Sacramento.

4. Nevada / Carson City

The fourth state is Nevada and its capital is Carson City.

The sailor makes his way through the garden and finds himself in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is in Nevada (and Vegas/neVada sound similar), so Las Vegas is how you will remember Nevada.

Visualize a sailor walking down the Vegas strip, lights are flashing and music is playing as the sailor walks past several casinos.

Learn US States Nevada

In the middle of the street there is a car baking on the sun.

On top of the car is a kitty.

A car with a kitty on it, Carson City.

From now on, whenever you visualize a kitty, you know that the capital contains the word city.

When you picture the sailor walking down the Las Vegas strip next to a car with a kitty on it, you will remember the fourth state Nevada and its capital Carson City.

5. Idaho / Boise

The firth state is Idaho and its capital is Boise.

Idaho is the state of potatoes, and the kitty really loves potatoes.

It hops from the hood of the car into a potato field.

Picture the kitty standing on its two hind legs hoeing the ground in search of potatoes.

Learn US States Idaho

The kitty hoeing the ground is how you will remember Idaho.

However, instead of finding potatoes, it finds a couple of boys that were buried underground.

The boys tell the kitty that they were just playing hide-and-go-seek.

Boise begins with boys, the capital of Idaho.

Now, when you picture the kitty hoeing the ground and finding the boys, you will remember Idaho as the fifth state and its capital Boise.

And that’s the first 5 states and their capitals in the US.

I hope this helped a lot!

Check out the other posts in the series and in less than 30 minutes you will know all the states and capitals by heart!

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