Learn the US States and Capitals in Under 30 Minutes (Part 2)

In this series you are going to memorize the first 20 US states and capitals by doing what the experts do: using visual memory techniques.

In part 1, we memorized the first five states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Idaho.

In this part, we are going to work on Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Learn US States 5-10

I’ll tell you exactly what to visualize in your minds’ eye and I’ll even draw you a picture.

Focus on seeing each image in your head and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to recall all of the states.

Let’s begin.

6. Montana / Helena

The sixth state is Montana and its capital is Helena.

The boys we learned about for Idaho are upset that the kitty found their hiding place, so they climb out of their holes and run to the top of a mountain range.

Picture the boys on the top of the mountain.

Learn US States Montana

Mountain is how you will remember Montana.

On top of the mountain with the boys happens to be the most beautiful women they have ever seen sitting on a Trojan Horse.

The woman introduces herself to the boys as Helen of Troy.

Helena is the capital of Montana and it sounds like Helen.

When you think of the Helen of Troy on the top of the mountain you will remember Montana as the sixth state and Helena as its capital.

7. Wyoming / Cheyenne

The seventh state is Wyoming and its capital is Cheyenne.

Wyoming contains the word homing.

Picture a flock of homing pigeons heading straight for Helen of Troy.

Learn US States Wyoming

In their claws they have a little girl holding a teddy bear.

The homing pigeons drop the girl into Helen of Troy’s arms.

The girl immediately moves behind Helen’s legs because she is really shy.

Helen asks “what is your name?” in which the girl responds “Anne”.



Now, when you picture the homing pigeons dropping Shy Anne into Hellen’s arms you will remember the seventh state Wyoming and its capital Cheyenne.

8. Utah / Salt Lake City

The eighth state is Utah and its capital is Salt Lake City.

Utah kind of sounds like U-turn, which is how you will remember it.

The homing pigeons apparently didn’t mean to drop Shy Anne, so they do a U-turn in the sky to pick her back up.

Learn US States Utah

She runs to the base of the mountain and encounters a huge, salt lake.

She really wants to snowboard, so she hops on one.

As she’s snowboarding across the salt lake she sees a kitty snowboarding as well!

Salt Lake Kitty, Salt Lake City.

Now, when you picture the homing pigeons doing a U-turn in the sky and Shy Anne snowboarding across the salt lake at the base of the mountain with the kitty, you will remember the eighth state as Utah and its capital Salt Lake City.

9. Arizona / Phoenix

The ninth state is Arizona and its capital is Phoenix.

Shy Anne looks up into the air, and high above the clouds, all the way to the ozone layer of our atmosphere is a beautiful red, mythical Phoenix.

Learn US States Arizona

Picture the phoenix flying so high that it can’t breathe, so it has to fly lower into the air-zone, or the area where there is oxygen.

Air zone sounds a lot like Arizona, which is how you will remember it.

Now, when you think of a phoenix flying into the air zone so it can breathe, you will remember the ninth state Arizona and its capital Phoenix.

10. New Mexico / Santa Fe

Our tenth and final state for this section is New Mexico and its capital is Santa Fe.

The phoenix flies south until it reaches the Mexican border.

As it flies, a Mexican hat, a sombrero, falls from the sky and lands on the bird’s head.

Picture the bird as it flies over the Mexican border wearing a Mexican hat.

Learn US States New Mexico

Next to the phoenix is Santa Claus in his sleigh.

“It must be Christmas,” thinks the phoenix.

Santa’s sleigh sounds a lot like Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico.

Whenever you think of the phoenix flying over the Mexican border next to Santa’s sleigh, you will know New Mexico is the tenth state and Santa Fe is its capital.

And that’s the second set of 5 states and their capitals in the US.

I hope this helped a lot!

Check out the other posts in the series and in less than 30 minutes you will know all the states and capitals by heart!

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