Learn the US States and Capitals in Under 30 Minutes (Part 3)

In this series you are going to memorize the first 20 US states and capitals by doing what the experts do: using visual memory techniques.

In part 2, we memorized the first five states: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Now, we are going to work on: Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

I’ll tell you exactly what to visualize in your minds’ eye and I’ll even draw you a picture.

Focus on seeing each image in your head and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to recall all of the states.

Let’s begin.

If you prefer to read instead of watch the video, the full text from the video is below.

11. Colorado / Denver

The eleventh state is Colorado and its capital is Denver.

If we break down the word Colorado, it begins with color and if we do the same to Denver it sounds like den fur.

Picture Santa Claus walking into a den, or a cave.

Learn US States Colorado

The walls are painted with many colors like rainbows.

Color, Colorado.

Santa Claus picks up a paint brush to paint the den walls, when he realizes the walls aren’t made of rock, they are made of fur.

He touches the fur and feels a soft, fluffy feeling.

Den fur, Denver.

When you visualize Santa in a den whose walls are made of fur, you will remember the eleventh state Colorado and its capital Denver.

12. North Dakota / Bismarck

The twelfth state is North Dakota and its capital is Bismarck.

Santa realizes he forgot presents at the North Pole, so he gets back in his sleigh to fly there.

He lands right next to the North Pole sign and realizes that he flew so fast that his coat fell off.

Picture a North Pole sign with Santa’s coat flying in the air and you will remember North Dakota.

Learn US States North Dakota

Santa’s elves challenge him to a race.

One elf yells, “On your mark, get set, go!”.

Mark, Bismarck.

When you visualize Santa’s coat in the North Pole and Santa racing an elf you will remember the twelfth state, North Dakota and its capital, Bismarck.

13. South Dakota / Pierre

The thirteenth state is South Dakota and its capital is Pierre.

Santa has one more stop this year, the South Pole.

When he lands, he realizes he was in such a hurry that he forgot his coat!

Picture Santa next to a South Pole sign pulling a new coat out of his big present bag and putting it on.

Learn US States South Dakota

Just like North Dakota, a South Pole sign plus Santa’s coat is how you will remember South Dakota.

Santa is parched from his race with the elf, so he pulls out a bottle of Perrier Sparkling Water and finishes it in a single glug.

Perrier and Pierre are very similar, so this is how you will remember South Dakota’s capital.

When you imagine Santa pulling a coat from his bag followed by a bottle of Perrier Sparkling Water you will remember the thirteenth state South Dakota and its capital Pierre.

14. Nebraska / Lincoln

The fourteenth state is Nebraska and its capital is Lincoln.

Right next to Santa there is a extremely tall statue of Abraham Lincoln made of rock.

It stretches all the way into the clouds.

Santa looks at the statue and notices the knees look different than the rest of the statue, they are made of brass.

Learn US States Nebraska

Picture a very tall looking statue of Abraham Lincoln with knees of brass.

Knees-of-brass sounds like Nebraska.

Now when you visualize a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln with knees of brass you will know the fourteenth state is Nebraska and its capital is Lincoln.

15. Kansas / Topeka

The fifteenth state is Kansas and its capital is Topeka.

The large, stone Lincoln statue lifts one of its large and smashes a can of soda, the contents of which spray everywhere.

The can of soda is how you will remember Kansas.

Learn US States Kansas

The statue stomps so hard that the stone covering the statue’s toe breaks and falls off.

From under the stone toe emerges a giant’s toe.

The toe is peeking out from the stone.

Toe-peeking, Topeka.

When you imagine the stone statue smashing a can causing a giant’s toe to peek out from the rest of its foot, you will recall that the fifteenth state is Kansas and its capital is Topeka.

And that’s the third set of 5 states and their capitals in the US.

I hope this helped a lot!

Check out the other posts in the series and in less than 30 minutes you will know all the states and capitals by heart!

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