Learn the US States and Capitals in Under 30 Minutes (Part 4)

In this series you are going to learn the first 20 US States and Capitals in under 10 minutes by doing what the experts do: using visual memory techniques.

I’ll tell you exactly what to visualize in your minds’ eye and I’ll even draw you a picture.

Focus on seeing each image in your head and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to recall all of the states.

Let’s begin.

If you prefer to read instead of watch the video, the full text from the video is below.

16. Missouri / Jefferson City

The sixteenth state is Missouri and its capital is Jefferson City.

A car shaped like a missile drives by the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Missile sounds like Missouri.

Learn US States Missouri

Sitting inside the car is a chef named Jefferson.

Because he is a chef, people call him Shefferson.

Shefferson is holding a kitty.

Shefferson holding a kitty, Jefferson City.

Now, when you think of a missile car with a chef and a kitty inside you will remember Missouri as the sixteenth state and its capital Jefferson City.

17. Iowa / Des Moines

The seventeenth state is Iowa and its capital is Des Moines.

A large eye ball with arms and legs gets a ride from the missile car.

The eyes‘ arms and legs are very scrawny and its cornea is a beautiful blue.

Iowa starts with eye.

Learn US States Iowa

The eye rides the car for a while before hopping off.

As it’s about to pay, the car drives away.

Imagine the eye saying “I owe dem coins” for the ride.

Dem coins sounds like Des Moines.

He feels in his pocket to see if he has any and realizes he wouldn’t have been able to pay anyway.

When you picture an eye thinking “I owe dem coins” you will remember Iowa as the seventeenth state and its capital, Des Moines.

18. Minnesota / Saint Paul

The eighteenth state is Minnesota and its capital is Saint Paul.

The missile car comes to the halt because there is a huge pile of mini-soda cans in the middle of the road.

Mini-soda sounds a lot like Minnesota.

Learn US States Minnesota

A saint walks over to the mini-soda cans to bless them.

Around the saint’s neck is a sign indicating his name is Paul.

A saint whose name is Paul, Saint Paul.

When you think of a pile of mini-soda cans in the middle of the road being blessed by a saint you will remember the eighteenth state as Minnesota and its capital Saint Paul.

19. Wisconsin / Madison

The nineteenth state is Wisconsin and its capital is Madison.

The chef really loves to cook, obviously, but doesn’t have any food.

He gets out of the car onto his knees to wish for cheese.

Wishing for cheese is how you will remember Wisconsin.

Learn US States Wisconsin

The sun gets mad that the chef wants cheese.

Because it’s mad it grows a scowl.

It’s a mad sun.

Mad sun, Madison.

Because Wisconsin sounds like wish and mad sun sounds like Madison, when you think of the chef wishing for cheese and the mad sun getting mad you will know Wisconsin is the nineteenth state and its capital Madison.

20. Illinois / Springfield

The twentieth state is Illinois and its capital is Springfield.

The chefs stomach starts to rumble and make an ill noise because he hasn’t eaten anything.

Visualize the chefs stomach rumbling and making a really ill noise.

Ill noise sounds like Illinois.

In the distance, Homer Simpson, from Springfield, sees the poor chef and decides to help.

Homer bounces towards the chef through a huge field of springs.

The springs cover the entire field and the only way to get to the chef is to bounce from spring to spring.

When you think of the chefs stomach making an ill noise and Homer Simpson, from Springfield, bouncing on a field of springs you will remember the twentieth state Illinois and its capital Springfield.

And that’s the fourth set of 5 states and their capitals in the US.

I hope this helped a lot!

Check out the other posts in the series and in less than 30 minutes you will know all the states and capitals by heart!

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